Christina Marie (daisysuzette) wrote in pinkaloha,
Christina Marie

Tiny Kitten needs a home!

From my friend Nat in Saratoga:

So my little brother Warren (such a hero) found this little kitty in middle of the Saratoga National Parking lot in the pouring rain/snow yesterday (Tuesday the 28th)! it was so cold it was almost dead, covered with fleas and just pitiful. It looked like a old stuffed toy someone tossed out. We think someone just left him there. He is so sweet and cuddly! He is about 6 weeks old, Male, white with orange spots five toes, and a pretty pretty face! Anyways we took this sweet sweet little kitty to Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital on route 29. They are fixing him up! and he is looking for a loving forever home.We talked about keeping him but the cat we have is about 16yrs old and soo not a sharing his family cat... it would hurt him if we brought another male kitty home so if you are interested here is the info

(518) 583-1117
826 Route 29
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
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