Kate (low_billions) wrote in pinkaloha,

Inexpensive clinics in the Albany area?

Sorry for the TMI:

Hi guys! So I'm a very broke community college student without ANY type of health insurance. I've been putting this off for way to long, but I have been having some health issues.

I haven't had a period in a good six months. I am POSITIVE I'm not pregnant. Positive. I've gone long stretches without periods before, but they've only been for about three months. I'm terrified right now, mainly because my sister had a uterine tumor (benign and she didn't have issues with her period, but still...)

So I was wondering where in the area I could find an inexpensive place that will help me. I have about $50 tops to my name, and no one can really help me with funding.

If you know of any good leads, please please help me.

Thank you so much!

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